New Sponsor: Fieldlab Autonomous Sailing Technology

Project F.A.S.T. Fieldlab Autonomous Sailing Technology is a consortium consisting of Governmental organizations, Research institutes and industry. The aim of this field lab was to realize a full scale demonstrator vessel that was capable to sail from A to B without human intervention, with respecting moving floatable objects in the water. That has been succeeded in 2023. It was chosen to refit a fast existing patrol vessel from diesel to electric to experiment environmental friendly.

We are open to share the last findings that we had due to the experiments that took place in different relevant environments such as harbor, inland and coastal areas in different conditions. The research and results that come from this field lab raises new questions to research on the topics of Object Detection, Object prediction, path planning, communication and more.

Fact is, we are not yet there, still work has to be done. And we are very open do collaborate in that.

Kind regards,

ir. Jochem Nonhebel

Technical Specialist | Autonomy

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